NOMATEN is now recruiting its Research Group Leader (RGL) for novel radiopharmaceutical for medical applications

NOMATEN Centre of Excellence in multifunctional materials for industrial and medical application is on of recently awarded 13 European “Teaming for Excellence” Centres ( The NOMATEN CoE has been created in Poland as a new research organization in which international world-class research teams will design, develop and assess innovative multifunctional structures: novel high-temperature, corrosion and radiation resistant materials for industrial applications on one side, and novel radiopharmaceuticals for medical applications on the other side.

The NOMATEN CoE is based on a strong partnership between NCBJ (Poland), CEA (France) and VTT (Finland) and has received 7 years of joint financial support from the Foundation for Polish Science (FNP) and the European Commission. These long-term funds and its novel “from scratch” structure ensure the sustainability of NOMATEN CoE.

We expect the RGL for novel radiopharmaceutical for medical applications to carry out research in three thematic areas:

i. new radionuclides and their production,

ii. new radiolabeled molecules and carriers, and

iii. translation research – preclinical studies, in the state-of-art programs for new developments in using ionizing radiation for medical applications. The results of this research will then be translated into the improved and novel nuclear medicine imaging and therapeutic strategies.

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